where’s your production hub listing?

I’m pretty sure when I come to my senses, I’ll ask myself: why did I share THIS piece of information with voxmarketising readers when I can enjoy all the voice-over exposure with none of the competition?

But it’s Christmas time. So in that spirit….

Hey stupid! Yeah you! You don’t have a free listing on Production Hub, do you?

Why not!!!

First of all it’s free web exposure which is nice for brand SEO as well as links. Second, you could easily have people find you in the site’s pretty massive directory. Third….well hell….it’s FREE!!!!!

I’ve got a page on there…all nice and informative and it costs me nothing.

To be clear, I’ve got no deal going with Production Hub to get paid for this little blog commercial (NOW who’s stupid?!) so I don’t benefit from you doing this. But often times, when I search for voice talents in other cities where I don’t know anybody, Google results gives me a Production Hub city listing of voice talent.

Google does that (without an ad link). You’re not on that list.

Do you understand now?


OK, never mind, nothing to see here, just ignore my blathering. Bye!

2 Responses to “where’s your production hub listing?”

  1. Got mine! http://www.productionhub.com/directory/view.aspx?item=248159

  2. Well done Jeffrey!

    Best always,