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voice over white paper


Lest you believe The Voice Over Entrance Exam is the only free material on voice over out there (although thanks Dave Courvoisier for the very kind review today) my e-book most certainly is not.

My northern neighbor and fellow voice talent Bryan Cox has written a Voice Over White Paper entitled Money in Minutes. It focuses on how to make money doing voice overs in your local market.

You can download it for free here and I hope you’ll take a look.

SOLD OUT – The New Big 3 on May 18, 2009


If you waited to make your reservation or you thought you could stroll up to the door, sorry but the presentation of The New Big 3: Understanding and Applying Facebook®, LinkedIn® and Twitter® for YOUR Business is very sold out.

It’s the first sold out dinner meeting in many, many years for the Buffalo Niagara Sales and Marketing Executives.

Now all I have to do is figure out something to talk about 😉

join the happiness by voting here


For at least the second year that I have promoted it, Google again presents its “Doodle 4 Google” contest.

I know.

It’s a corporate “feel good” event that makes a billion dollar company seem more human and I should scoff.

But I love the idea and I love the art and I love that school aged kids show their enormous talents.

It’s nice to get the winning doodle be used as the main Google doodle for an entire day. Its nice that the winner gets a college scholarship and that his/her school gets a technology grant.

But it’s the creativity from young people that makes me happy. I think you’ll enjoy it too.

Voting ends on May 18, 2009. Join the happiness by voting by grade here.

receiving payment from a free e-book

The Voice Over Entrance Exam by Peter K. O'Connell Copyright 2009

This is the exact email (address omitted) from a reader of The Voice Over Entrance Exam.

From: (e-mail omitted)
Date: May 10, 2009 10:13:57 AM EDT
To: “Peter O’Connell” Subject: Re: The Voice Over Entrance Exam – Free E-Book


A word of thanks regarding your “Entrance Exam”!! You nailed it! I want to thank you both for your honesty and knowledge of what it “really” takes. I know the difference between “desire” & “passion”. My challenge is deciding how to manage my current profession while making advances to further pursue a career as a voice actor.

I believe this may be where my talent lies but as you recommend I am looking to have a qualified voice coach provide unbiased feedback.

Here I go………….

Thanks Again!!

Rob Peterson
Delray Beach. FL.

Mark me paid in full.

scared of my own reflection


So I had mentioned a while back that I was going to help do a presentation on Social Media for the Buffalo Niagara Sales and Marketing Executives on Social Media that I titled “The New Big 3”. I even had lunch this week wit Todd Salansky, my co-presenter to go over our talk.

Well Friday night I am reading my copy of Buffalo Business First when I turned the page to see myself staring back at me. It was an ad for “The New Big 3” presentation that I didn’t even realize the association was running.
I can’t help but laugh at how amazingly unnerving it is to see one’s picture in a publication when one isn’t at all expecting it. A complete “what the…?!!!” moment.

If you can join us, we’d love to see you on May 18th.

video cameras within isdn sessions


Today I came across another valuable article from my Google Alerts. If there are topics of interest to you professionally or personally, I hope you take advantage of this free service.

This Google Alert came under the term voice over and it let me to an article in Animation World Magazine, part of the Animation News Network. The article, written by animation casting director Mark Simon, discussed how he has started to use video cameras (computer cameras) via Skype as part of his ISDN sessions with animation voice actors. It was entitled “Seeing Voice-Overs”.

If this doesn’t start happening in a lot more ISDN sessions for animation, commercials or anything else, I’d be really surprised. A great idea and article from Mark.