scared of my own reflection


So I had mentioned a while back that I was going to help do a presentation on Social Media for the Buffalo Niagara Sales and Marketing Executives on Social Media that I titled “The New Big 3”. I even had lunch this week wit Todd Salansky, my co-presenter to go over our talk.

Well Friday night I am reading my copy of Buffalo Business First when I turned the page to see myself staring back at me. It was an ad for “The New Big 3” presentation that I didn’t even realize the association was running.
I can’t help but laugh at how amazingly unnerving it is to see one’s picture in a publication when one isn’t at all expecting it. A complete “what the…?!!!” moment.

If you can join us, we’d love to see you on May 18th.

4 Responses to “scared of my own reflection”

  1. Hope it goes awesomely well, Peter! (Though I know it will. :D)

  2. That other guy’s picture looks great! Looking forward to the presentation.

  3. @Jodi Krangle I hope you’re right cause now the event is sold out…I gotta think of something to say!

    @Todd Salansky he is a handsome devil! Takes all the pressure off me!

    Best always,
    – Peter

  4. You’ll do great, Peter. There was never any doubt. But I *do* want to hear all about it in your blog when it’s all over. 😉 All the best, –Jodi