video cameras within isdn sessions


Today I came across another valuable article from my Google Alerts. If there are topics of interest to you professionally or personally, I hope you take advantage of this free service.

This Google Alert came under the term voice over and it let me to an article in Animation World Magazine, part of the Animation News Network. The article, written by animation casting director Mark Simon, discussed how he has started to use video cameras (computer cameras) via Skype as part of his ISDN sessions with animation voice actors. It was entitled “Seeing Voice-Overs”.

If this doesn’t start happening in a lot more ISDN sessions for animation, commercials or anything else, I’d be really surprised. A great idea and article from Mark.

2 Responses to “video cameras within isdn sessions”

  1. An interesting article! I can imagine this happening.

    Congratulations on such a great blog with worthwhile content and a clean, beautiful design.

  2. Thanks, Andrew, very much.

    Best always,
    – Peter