sightseeing at ORD

Usually changing planes at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago is not terribly exciting. Sometimes it is terrible but again not terribly exciting.

Not so today.

I came across two unexpected marketing executions, one expected but not seen (maybe this is a world exclusive?) and the other unexpected and very impressive.

This is MY first look at an actual post merger United Continental Airplane design. I really didn’t think these were going to be ready so soon but what do I know! 🙂 I will say that as of this writing, the United web site still has their old branding sans Continental’s blue and gold.

This is an incredibly cool and BIG sale brochure 😉 for Courtyard Marriott highlighting their newly designed lobbies. That is a FULL video wall along the one side and what I believe is an interactive video screen on the side. Anybody cruising through gates B and EF will see this and it is an impressive sight.

See, traveling doesn’t HAVE to be tedious.

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