audioconnell in boston 2 – dinner with mary & moe

Voice Talents Mary C McKitrick_Peter K O'Connell_Moe Egan

Having enjoyed the company of Lee Gordon at the beginning of my trip, I was able to close my Boston adventure with the company of the lovely and talented Moe Egan and the Emmy Award winning voice talent Mary C. McKitrick.

Mary has a cool new concept for a direct mail campaign tying in her turn as the narrator of the Emmy Award winning documentary series “Wild View“. And Moe is about to put the finishing touches on her new marketing plan…by July 15th, I’m told.

It was a really great night sitting out near the water having dinner with these talented friends of mine.

2 Responses to “audioconnell in boston 2 – dinner with mary & moe”

  1. Peter, it was so good to see you. Any time you’re within 104 miles of me again please do give a call!

  2. Will do Mary!

    Best always,
    – Peter