do your auditions suck? wanna fix that?

I get about a dozen notices of voice over classes and workshops and seminars each hour. So get a bit jaded when I see the latest notice.

Last week one came across my screen that stopped me for a second. And I remembered all week that I wanted to write about it and so now I’m going to write about.

My friend (and friend to all voice talent) John Florian and his Voice Over Xtra! advised me that Nancy Wolfson is holding a teleseminar on June 21st at 9PM eastern called “Voiceover Audition Consultations” in which it is promised: “There’s never been anything like this — a world-class seminar on how to make a good audition better and an excellent audition great.”

Without remuneration or compensation I offer this link because I think this might be a good use of your time.

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