audio’connell in raleigh, nc

Wade Holloway, Jamee T. Perkins & Peter O'Connell

OK, so going back to the week before Memorial Day when the blog pooped out, I was planning on posting this the same night as I attended my first MCA-I meeting. Yes I am on the International Board of Directors and I had never been to an actual chapter meeting as I am the sole member in Buffalo, NY.

No, Connie Terwilliger, I will not be forming a chapter in Buffalo as I have quite enough to do already with my own businesses and two small children.

So I went to the Central Carolina MCA-I meeting and had a blast. Tom Morse and his leadership team really have their act together and it was a very fun meeting screening some short films that members had recently produced.

Even better on the voice over side of things, at the meeting were Wade Holloway and Jamee T. Perkins (pictured with me above) & Deb Stamp who lives in Raleigh, NC now but made her home and started her broadcasting career in Western New York.

Thanks everybody for a terrific evening.

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