courvo updates the blog-o

Dave Courvoisier logo

“The handsomest man in voice over”, Dave Courvoisier has finally answered my grown-up Christmas wish and updated the look and feel of his blog. If you’ve not yet subscribed, don’t admit that publicly but immediately rectify the situation by subscribing to his blog now.

I steal many blog ideas from Dave (and Bob Souer (“The nicest man in voice over”)) so you’ll always find rich content on voice over, social media and gadgets on Dave’s blog all on an easier to read and faster to load page.

For those of you wondering, I’ve been voted “The shortest man in voice over”. And I’ll take whatever lame kudos I can.

4 Responses to “courvo updates the blog-o”

  1. Peter,

    I don’t know about the “short man …” slogan, but in my book you are the smartest man in voiceover.

    Be well,

  2. Thanks Bob. I am REALLY looking forward to the new Souer branding….very exciting!

    Best always,
    – Peter

  3. Man!…I’m felony late to this party…!!! Thanks for the overly-kind comments, Peter…nice to be good at something…


  4. Tsk tsk David!

    No problem. Glad the new look is working out well.

    Best always,
    – Peter