back at it

NBC News Announcer Howard Reig & Anchor Tom Brokaw_CourtesyNBC

Sorry to have been off line a bit. Much west coast travel to Seattle last week and Pittsburgh and San Francisco this week. Last week in SEA I also came down with food poisoning which forced me to switch from a dinner meeting with Jeffrey Kafer to an evening at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle (nice place if you happen to be sick in Seattle). Again my sincere apologies to Jeff…I would have much rather spent time with you and will again on my next trip.

Alls well now and the travel load shall lighten for a bit.

I came across a recently posted video of the late, great NBC announcer Howard Reig’s retirement that I very much enjoyed watching. This type of thing is NOT the norm for announcers unless they’ve been around as long as Howard. Clearly he was beloved.

P.S. The NBC News team also held a memorial for Howard inside their main news studio on Friday which Brian Williams noted on his blog here.

2 Responses to “back at it”

  1. No worries, my friend. I’m sorry our food here in the Pacific Northwest gave you food poisoning, but we’ll have to give it another shot next time you’re in town.

  2. Jeff:

    I hoping for March.

    Even better news, I know where NOT to go for dinner! 🙂

    Best always,
    – Peter