airline credit cards test loyalty


Between Bob Souer and me, U.S. air carriers pretty much need to bow down and kiss our feet as we have single-handedly kept them in business by buying their airplane tickets.

While I can’t speak for Bob (although I just did but he won’t know it cause he doesn’t read this blog 😉 I have a frequent flyer number with almost every airline (though U.S. Airways and United get the majority of my business based only on routes).

The upside of that is I build up miles that someday I’ll have the time to use (I’m in baby/toddler netherworld right now so time is both precious and a grey area at the same time). The downside is that each of these airlines thinks I need to have their credit card.

And they remind me every month. Today, these three envelopes arrived about 15 minutes ago. More junk mail.

The airlines need additional streams of revenue and likely in the fine print of my frequent flyer sign up I gave them the right to snail-mail spam me but these idiots are wasting money even if a third party banking outfit is likely paying the tab.

Their brand is tainted by all this crap and if it were even possible, as their paying customer I have less respect for them than ever before.

Do you get a lot of airline junk mail too? Or other crazy junk mail associated with something you’re a part of or a member of? What have you done about it?

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  3. Nice post. Thank you for the info. Keep it up.

  4. Tim:

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  5. I’m with you. The brands are tainted by this for me. I get wheelbarrows full of airline credit card offers, and they make me crazy. I don’t know why they bother me as much as they do, but I can’t tear them up fast enough! United is the worst.

  6. The worst part is I think if you’re on their frequent flyer program, you’re like locked into these mailers.

    Oh well. Thanks Amy.

    Best always,

    – Peter