su2c – stand up to cancer

Stand Up 2 Cancer SU2C

Tonight, the anchors and managing editors from ABC News, CBS News and NBC News will take over our televisions in prime time.

And it won’t be about an election.

SU2C. Stand Up to Cancer. Please watch and, if you can, please give. Thanks!

3 Responses to “su2c – stand up to cancer”

  1. Thanks Peter-
    While much progress has been made, it’s amazing that a true cure hasn’t been found yet.. My father died from it in 2001, my aunt passed away from a brain tumor last week and my mother had colon cancer surgery yesterday. Just a devastating disease.
    I look forward to seeing what the networks are planning for tonight.

  2. James:

    My head is throbing and my heart is breaking for what your family members and you have gone through.

    First, I am terribly sorry for your losses and I wish your Mom a speedy and breezy recovery.

    Best always,
    – Peter

  3. Thanks for the kind thoughts and well wishes Peter. It’s pretty amazing that a 67 year old woman can be up and walking a day after getting 12 inches of her colon removed. It looks like they caught it early enough where she won’t have to go through any chemo or radiation treatment.
    At least we hope so.