feeling phony

audio'connell voice over talent_microphone on stage

Some may call it the blahs, or angst.

Some may just call it “Tuesday”

It’s that hopefully brief time when your business (or sometimes lack there of) makes you question your abilities, your earnings capability. Your actual talent as a voice-over.

Everyone, it feels like in your head, is getting more gigs than you, everyone is making more money than you. Everyone is better looking than you!

I kid, but in reality, it smacks each of us occasionally. And the feeling can be deep seated. Self-doubt mixed with a generous amount of mostly unsubstantiated fear.

I guess to describe it, you feel like you’re not cut out for voice-over. You are consumed with the feel that you are wasting your time and that you are a talentless hack that has been lucky to get any work thus far. It’s a terribly lonely feeling.

Well look, I’ve had that feeling (briefly) more than I care to admit in my career but in some recent conversations I’ve had with VO people (having nothing to do with this topic) I can see that feeling in their eyes and hear it in their voice.

They’re scared.

And it’s real.

I think its natural but it’s also awful to go through. But maybe we should talk it out. I have no quick fix solutions, so I’ll open it up to the floor.

How do you overcome it?

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