over 1,000 posts and almost 3,000 comments

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I was updating some blog comments tonight (which I always fall behind on and I apologize…I love when you comment -thank you- but in getting to my comment responses, well, life gets in the way) and I noticed that this blog has almost 3,000 comments from over 1,000 posts!

Now, I know in voice-over blog land, the big guys have triple those amounts etc., as they should.

And in big boy blog land, my stats pale in comparison.

Nor am I looking for adulation or congrats.

But with only me writing and you reading, where did we two ever amass THOSE kinds of numbers?!

I’m not sure if it’s me or you but one of us needs to get out more.

But thanks, too.

2 Responses to “over 1,000 posts and almost 3,000 comments”

  1. It’s the new math, Peter.
    And no one said there would be math in voiceover!!! 😉

  2. Oh crap , not MATH!

    It’s like Celsius, isn’t it Liz?

    I friggin’ hate Celsius. 😉

    Best always,