i am a bombastic, egotistical jerk


So you think: “tell me something I didn’t know.”

Well, the thing is with the hullabaloo about the Facebook vanity URL and LinkedIn has their vanity URL thing, Twitter has theirs and Google has theirs, I wonder if I’m falling prey to the “me, me, me!” syndrome that can plague social media or if I am just doing the smart marketing thing?

Or can you not be a smart marketer within social media without being at least a little (or -God forbid- a lot) “me, me, me”? I’ve read the “me, me, me” ridiculing commentary of social media and it stings a bit because I wonder if that’s how it comes across to everyone.

Ick! I do not want to become that person. Or, because of my past and existing social media presence, is it too late?

My hope is that by asking the question, by examining my conscience on this odd matter, I may be a smart marketer plagued by a kind of slightly social media channels-forced behavior that a true egotist would never even bother to consider.

Has any of this ever occurred to you? Are you bothered by it or how do you deal with it? I want your opinions on the concept here, some street corner analysis – is social media merely a public exercise in vanity and narcissism?

2 Responses to “i am a bombastic, egotistical jerk”

  1. Peter? I’m just going to point out here that if you are even *asking* these questions, you’re not the egotistical jerk you’re afraid of being. 😉

    I’m just sayin’. 😉

    Also – none of this is earth shattering. It’s just a way for humans to keep in touch with other humans. That’s made FAR easier these days than perhaps it has any right to be – but we’re all ultimately social beings. It’s my opinion that all these social networking sites are just a result of our overwhelming need to belong. SOMEwhere. And yeah, it’s egotistical. But honestly? We ALL are, at least to SOME degree. In that sense, these social networking sites just keep us somewhat honest about it. 😉

    All the best, — Jodi

  2. Hi Jodi,

    I guess that makes me socially acceptable? 🙂

    I probably shouldn’t go THAT far! 😉

    Best always,
    – Peter