hi-ooooh! so long friend


Television has changed a lot since the day Ed McMahon first teamed up with Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show. Maybe they don’t make performers like Ed because no one makes as much room for them now.

That was one of the thoughts I had upon hearing that Ed McMahon had died overnight. I was sad for the loss of him, for the loss of his talents (as an announcer and performer) and for the loss of what he represented to broadcasting. Everything evolves so maybe we can’t have our Ed McMahons anymore. We’ll get someone new who puts their spin on the job.

But he sure was a talented guy who was too often underestimated by many….except for a guy named Johnny.

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  1. What a lovely post you’ve written here, Peter. I repped him for a few years a while back and he was every bit as genuine and charming in “real life” as he appeared on TV. Turned around auditions on a dime, fun in the booth, fast wit…a Grade A professional. He will be missed.

  2. Hi Nancy:

    Thanks for your kind words and terrific personal insight into Ed. I’m very pleased to see the plethora of positive articles about Ed, focusing on his achievements.

    I also didn’t know the great story of Ed working in Philadelphia as a “salesman” on the boardwalk; one day he’s at his apartment, outside, reading a script. A neighbor he doesn’t know walks by, asks him if he’s in the business. That neighbor was Dick Clark who was just about to take off with American Bandstand. Dick got him an announcing job and the story began.

    Best always,
    – Peter

  3. OMG, Peter – you have ESP!!!
    First – Love your story – I didn’t know that about the origin of their relationship.
    Second – I was about to go into more detail about this on my first post but wasn’t sure it was relevant – we repped Dick Clark, too, and used to audition them together on projects from time to time – it was a HOOT. (You’ll see a sweet note about Ed on my Facebook page from the wonderful Animation Casting Director, Donna Grillo – she was the first to hire them when I was their agent.)

    As busy and powerful and venerable as they both were at the time, Mr. McMahon and Mr. Clark were somehow uniquely and consistently prompt, gracious, neither one ever once complained that a project was too small (for their status) to “give it a shot”…
    Mr. Clark is renowned for this, actually…the most remarkably speedy turnaround and the most “willing” attitude.

    Icons to be sure, and True TRUE gentlemen.
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. VERY glad to have you share such a wonderful story, Nancy. You’ve been very fortunate, more so than most, to experience these fine folks first hand.

    Just on a lark I went to the MDA web site today. Not as much has been said about Ed LONG tenure as longtime anchor of the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s Jerry Lewis Telethon. But the MDA web site filled in the holes.

    A tenure second only to Jerry Lewis. Wow! Read it here: http://www.mda.org/news/090623mcmahon.html

    Best always,
    – Peter

  5. Ooh – COOL LINK – nice !

    You are right as rain, Peter – it’s been a joy of a journey, this career.
    I am enormously grateful to everyone who mentored me gently & pushed me hard, kicked my ass & kicked open doors, to those who gave me their talents to champion and put their careers in my trust to nurture for fun and mutual profit.

    I just picked my car up from the shop a half hour ago, and the service guy asked me what I do for a living. After a micro-flash reflection upon this Tuesday of casting, brokering gigs, mapping new content for upcoming demos, and coaching in private consult 4 new developing VO talents + 5 working pros, I said,
    “I champion people.”

    Helping someone of any level experience that “ah HAH!” moment, hearing a person’s newly claimed confidence emerge, feeling a bit like Mr. McMahon himself (!) when I call talent to tell them they booked – being a part of any part of that process – therein lies the quixotic pixie dust.

    Yup – when the right folks are in the mix, for me, it’s the best gig on earth.

    I’m thankful you’re a part of it.


  6. Me too and back at ya!

    Best always,
    – Peter