live from podcamp boston 2 (update #1)

podcamp boston 2007

Awake at 05:00, wheels up at 07:00 and into Beantown at 8:30.

I’ve been to the BCEC (where Podcamp Boston is holding the uncoference) before for a major trade show but didn’t have any idea the true scope of this building….that means it took me a while to find registration. Its an unconference so signage is optional I guess.

But I found my way and the registration folks were very nice and helpful.

First session was a mix between Mitch Joel’s Personal Branding (I stepped into the room and the whole room yells “whooo hoooo”! Not for me of course…he was making a point in his presentation.)

Then I moved over to Scott Monty’s presentation on Web 2.0 tools that are really useful…good stuff here.

Someone in the Podcamp Boston community is doing a TV show and I did a quick interview for them.

Then moved into another presentation and I won’t tell you which one it was because it wasn’t so good plus I was hungry so I left to catch the latest presentation from Dunkin Donuts…ok it was a coffee cart but it was reeeeaaaallly good 😉

Caught up with John Wall (of Ronin Marketeer , the M Show and Marketing Over Coffee) who is a great guy (example: I sent him an email question on travel in Boston for the Podcamp trip and he was very helpful). Also met his wife who (like most of us husbands) is too good for him. (Just kidding).

Currently listening to a really good presentation by David Meerman Scott who has written the book (The New Rules of PR) and its really good. What’s impressive about his presentation (like Mitch Joel) get paid for speaking like this….here they do it for free. But the payoffs are still strong for them, I’m sure.

More later.

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