live from podcamp boston 2 (update #2)

podcamp boston 2007

The Saturday afternoon presentations ratcheted up the learning level. CC Chapman and Mitch Joel presented a very content heavy presentation on the “Tools of the social media trade”. Ideas like using Google Alerts for more than just your key words to track your marketplace….think about your target markets and consider their keywords (sometimes that geographic, sometimes its industry specific etc). When working with itunes for podcasting, make sure you focus on sub categories for your podcast to have a chance to stand out from the crowd on itunes (fairly important!). Lots of other stuff too but check the Podcamp Boston wiki for some video or audio of this or any other sessions.

Podcamp Boston organizer and Financial Aid Podcast honcho Chris Penn did a really high energy presentation on to market with New Media. One quick idea which I liked was including your podcast show notes in the lyric tab of itunes…data, data, data.

Grabbed a quick but much needed nap back at the hotel and on to the Podcamp Party over at the very nice Seaport Hotel which I met a bunch of very nice people including CC Chapman who’s starting a new company, Louise Rijk of Advanced Media Productions, musician Graham English and Robert Mendelson of Select Blinds Canada who is just starting out in podcasting but has a “radio history” so we shared those great stories.

Snuck down to the bar to grab a quick dinner and watched some of the World Series during the 3 inning of game 3 where Boston started to own Colorado…the place was erupting! Great fun.

There was supposed to be an informal marketing meeting back at one of the hotels at 9 PM but by 10 PM they still hadn’t put it together and it was getting late so I just headed home.

Starts all again tomorrow!

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