mike gill: a champion trains champions

<em>Mike Gill, CPT</em>

Mike Gill, CPT

When I knew Mike Gill, he was this scrawny little guy in search of a job in golf. Being the head of regional sales for Arnold Palmer Golf Management at the time (what, you think all I ever did was voice over? How boring would that be?!) I took pity on the little fellow and hired him. But I made him promise me that if I hired him, that he would follow a workout routine that I personally created for him to bulk him up, make him stronger and attractive to the ladies. In other words, I was going to create a younger me.

Today, he is not only an award winning strong man but he is a Certified Professional Trainer. Here is a write-up about Mike’s work and one of his talented students in Monday’s Buffalo News (it was a full page spread in the print edition).*

I couldn’t be more proud…of me!

*Of course, most of that is all crap, you see.

Yes, I hired Mike at APGM and yes he is an award winning strong man and a CPT. But he was always a big, strong guy and I was always not. Mike also turned out to be a great sales person with a keen eye towards marketing. I am proud but of him not me.

But what ever you do, don’t let him park your car.

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  1. sabemos que non hai nengún ente, nengunha abstracción, que nos convenza para comprar algo.Somos nós tamén. Somos a xente tamén. Somos nós os que tamén nos montamos na ruleta e non queremos baixar dela. Porque é máis fácil seguir escapando.E botarlle as culpas “ás festas”, ao sistema, ao Estado…. Pero a responsabilidade individual está para algo. Non?

  2. Beautiful as always. Those stamps are awesome. I love the fall of the year and have no leaves in my collection. Can you believe it? Would love to win these.Thanks for the chance.Angel hugsDebby

  3. Super les photos. L’Inde cet après-midi là s’était arrêté. Quand, après le soulagement de la victoire (il y avait des craintes de réactions hostiles si le Pakistan gagnait), j’avais commenté à des amis, donc maintenant, l’Inde en finale, prochaine étape, champions du monde, ils m’avaient répondu: ‘la finale, on s’en fout. La vraie victoire, pour nous, c’était aujourd’hui ».