mr. christi, you make nice web sites*


My one friend in Oregon (primarily because he’s the only Oregonian I know, I think) is a voice talent named Dave Christi. His specialty is performing character voices.

I’m pleased to advise you that Dave has revamped, redesigned and totally cleaned up his site onto a wordpress template.

It looks great and I think you think so too. And if you’re smart and you need some character voices, give Dave a call and tell him I sent you.

* Many of you who have not experienced fine Canadian advertising like I have (Buffalo being right on the border and easily catching Canadian TV signals as far north as Toronto) won’t know that this post’s title was a tweek of a very famous piece of Canadian ad copy revolving around the Canadian division of Nabisco and their cookie division. I mean famous in Canada like “Just Do It”. For a brief story about this great piece of writing, I came across this great synopsis which I also hope you’ll check out.

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