open and say ahhhh…

James Alburger was speaking with me recently about the VOICE 2010 conference and he said “we have a new Premiere Sponsor for VOICE 2010.”

I was thinking maybe it was going to be a microphone company or audio software group. He said it was the Osborne Head & Neck Institute Voice & Speech Division.

Long pause. Then it clicked!

What a fantastic market for these Doctors to be fishing in and how fortunate are the voice talent who are attending that the Doctors will be “in”.

So many of us in voice over take the care of our throat and vocal chords for granted….or worse, we ignore it.

On paper, this sponsorship is a win-win. The Doctors are introduced to new patients and the voice talents have an important opportunity to learn more about one of their most important body parts.

This could be very cool.

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