open casting call for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon announcer (very unofficial)


Whether this becomes an out and out holiday tradition here at audio’connell’s voxmarketising remains to be seen but suffice it to say I’m at it again.

Based on the enormously popular Unofficial Casting Call for the NBC Nightly News announcer, I am today kicking off the Unofficial Casting Call for the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon announcer job.

Some points of difference between the two casting calls:

1. The Nightly News audition was in response to what I (and many others) felt/feel was a poor performance by a certain actor (who otherwise is very talented). For the Fallon casting call, I have no knowledge of the new announcer’s (Steve Higgins) ability (which I’m sure is great) nor should this thingy we’re doing here be seen as an indictment of his talents…I wish him great success. This is just for fun and nobody here will be getting the Fallon show job.

2. NBC Nightly News had a well known theme. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon has a house band, The Roots, but no theme song that I know of yet so I grabbed a Roots song (“Here I Come” all rights reserved etc.) and edited into a strictly demo theme sample. The music should open up some creative voice imaging opportunities for participants.

The directions to participate are simple and straight forward:

A. Download HERE the demo only theme song (complete with cheering audience to get you into the late night feel)

B. Here is a script (again demo only):

From NBC Studios in New York, It’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Tonight Amy Adams (slight pause) Eddie Izzard (slight pause) and musical guest John Legend

With The Roots

Now here’s your host: Jimmy Fallon!

C. Record your version mixed with the demo theme (note: you should have your audition finish at about :30 seconds into the theme as you’ll note I brought the audience cheering up. If you hit it right it will sound like he just walked out after you said his name. Also remember there would be graphics and likely some animation as part of the intro too.

D. Email it to peter at audio’connell dot com. MP3 file only. File name: YOURLASTNAME_Unofficial_Fallon_Audition

E. I’ll allow submissions until it becomes tedious or boring. Only one entry per voice talent, please.

>>> HERE is where you can LISTEN (but NO voting yet) to all the entrants <<<

Here’s my example to give you a general sense of timing but PLEASE do it with whatever pace and vocal performance style you’d like. Mine is just one way, not necessarily the perfect way.



How a winner will be chosen:

i. I’ll get between 3-5 people to serve as judges to pick the top 10 entries
ii. From there I will open up the voting. Don’t vote until I open the voting….I’ll delete any voting posts until I write the “voting is open” post
iii. As for prizes, I got bumpkus. Maybe we’ll get an angel gift giver or someone who wants to re-gift some holiday present, we’ll see.

Anyway, have fun and Merry Christmas. Let’s hear your best stuff!

If you just want to listen to the audition “bed” here it is:

18 Responses to “open casting call for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon announcer (very unofficial)”

  1. […] announcer auditions, we’re doing it again for Jimmy’s show which starts in March. I hope you’ll enter here. It’s just for fun. Thanks. __________________ – Peter audio’connell Voice Over Talent […]

  2. I’ve got a crappy, white-elephant-but-brand-new! Christmas/Winter theme mug I can contribute to the prize pool.

  3. Diane:

    This is very generous of you and we’d love it as part of our prize pool. You of course will be duly noted as its donor.

    Best always,
    – Peter

  4. I always thought Don Pardo was so cool. Now I can try to be just like him.
    Merry Ho Ho!
    Bobbin Beam- ISDN Voice Actress

  5. Looks like fun. I’ll throw my hat into the ring! 😀

  6. Bobbin and Stefania:

    I’m so glad you’ll be participating. Bobbin, yours is already posted. Make sure you tell all your friends to join in too.

    My favorite part of this whole thing is coming across new voices (to me anyway) who just shine.

    It’s like finding a shiny new diamond.

    Best always and Merry Christmas!

    – Peter

  7. My entry is on its way, Peter. Thanks for starting this! Lots of fun. 😀

  8. Hello everyone and happy holidays! It’s great I am a part of this interesting audition. It’s very challenging for me especially as I am foreigner 🙂

    Wish everyone luck with this!


  9. Peter,
    I think of you as the VO industry Cruise Director, always providing new and fun things for us to do.
    This is a hoot. Thanks.
    Merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year to you and your family.

  10. Thanks Peter.
    It’s such an honour to be a part of this experience.

    I predict that the New Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallen will be a huge success.

    He is a very talented guy and I know that success wil follow him wherever he goes.
    Happy holidays to you Peter and to everyone around the globe.

  11. My golly I’m so busy between work and this contest I’ve let my comment responses lag and I apologize!

    Jodi – were our first Canadian entrant (I think) and darn glad to have you. Thanks.

    Pavel- you are to be commended. If a foreign language voice company did this type of event, I wouldn’t have near the courage to participate. I fall down enough in my own language let alone someone elses! Thanks

    Roger – If I’m Julie McCoy then you may be Gopher but lets work that out on the Lido deck with Issac, shall we? Thanks 🙂

    Valentino – the honor is ours, thanks for playing!

    My best always to all of you,
    – Peter

  12. Submitted my very unofficial audition. Happy New Year!

  13. How fun Peter!!

    I’m enjoying listening to all the great “fauxditions” !

    Thanks to Peter for setting this up. Thanks to all you folks who are taking part. Always interesting to see different takes on the same piece of copy.

  14. I listened to five auditions and then stapled my upper lip to a passing Jedi tribute band in order to take the pain away.

    I’ve sent my version in order to take the shame like the rest, probably character building.

  15. […] Click the following link to enter the Unofficial Announcer contest for the Jimmy Fallon show. […]

  16. Wow – I’m, like SO excited! I LOVE the Roots! Jimmy’s ok, too…

  17. Wow what a great day for submissions-

    @ Carl Cubbedge thanks for much for playing.

    @ Dina Monaco-Boland My sentiments exactly; the different interpretations are a hoot.

    @Philip Banks thank you for my laugh out loud moment reading your comment and there is nothing shameful about your voice work ever.

    @Jerry Wells Thanks for your submission. I think Jimmy and his team will produce a great show

    Best to you all always,
    – Peter

  18. With great creepiness the ghost of Richard Nixon entered my body and I had to head to the studio…