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I’m not sure if anyone else will care about this post but me and yet there’s a bit of excitement I want to get off my chest on behalf of Mrs. audio’connell who has no idea I’m writing this as she has more pressing daily responsibilities I’ll mention later.

You see, this season was the final one involving the Triple A baseball affiliation between the Cleveland Indians and the Buffalo Bisons (I’ll let you figure out which of those two is the MLB team). Cleveland was a fine team to be associated with but things change.

So the question in the Nickel City this Fall was who would be the Bisons’ new parent club? Two teams were in the running: the Toronto Blue Jays and the New York Mets.

A brief point of historical value here in that Mrs. audio’connell grew up first on Long Island and then in Manhattan. In her house, they were a Mets’ family. In the O’Connell house, the fascination with professional baseball was probably on par with your current interest in professional shot-putting. So when the two houses “merged” 10 years ago, we became a Mets family.

It’s not that I had no interest in baseball or more specifically the Bisons….for many years when they moved into their new home (today rechristened Coca-Cola Field…I would have preferred Pepsi Park myself but no one asked me) I had season tickets. I’ve even voiced a Buffalo Bison commercial.

But when the oft-touted opportunity to secure a MLB team for Buffalo vanished, Bison tickets became a bit less valued. Nice to go to a couple of games but no thanks to a seasons’ worth.

So when the New York Mets and Bisons agreed to an affiliation agreement, my wife was actually giddy. When you manage two children all day long, getting giddy is actually something noteworthy. I think the Mets affiliation will now make it even more fun for us to take the kids to the ball park this season.

From a marketing perspective, in addition to the Coca-Cola Field announcement (which in truth is a great piece of news for the team ownership, fans and the city) the Bisons unveiled their new logo. The new branding ties nicely with the Mets colors and feel but absolutely has great identity all its own. Since I am guessing we’ll be getting some swag in the coming months, I’m glad its stuff I won’t mind wearing. Nice design by Phoenix Design Works.

So New York Mets and Coca-Cola – welcome to Buffalo! We’re glad you’re here.

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  1. Yet ANOTHER reason I luv ya, Peter!

    Yep…we were a Mets family as well…having also grown up in Manhattan, my older brothers were huge Mets fans!…Me?…more of a Hockey fan….grew up a HUGE Rangers fan…then moved to Jersey…married a Devils fan….got to love ’em…then Scotty Gomez became a Ranger…ohhhh the mental confusion as to which team to root for!…..oh….sorry…we were talking about baseball, weren’t we? 😉

    …but your post brought back some nice memories! 🙂



  2. Well Liz, we’ll all go to a game Mets/Rangers/Bisons if either/any of us are in town!

    Best always,
    – Peter

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