shaking us out of our comfort zone


This is how it was…

Microsoft makes software like Office , it has a web browser, Internet Explorer and an operating system for PC’s called Windows. Their tools are primarily for PC use (i.e. not Macs) and are widely popular. Microsoft is not a fan of Google.

Apple makes computers (Macs) that really artsy people like graphic designers enjoy. Their computers are usually more expensive than most. It has had really funny and effective commercials comparing Macs to PC’s with PC users coming across (quite pointedly) as nerd-like and not cool.

Google does search and sells ads on those search pages. They are ginormous.

That was then, this is now.

Microsoft’s MSN search engine (which was never very popular) changed its name to Bing and has just partnered with Yahoo (#2 behind Google in search) to merge its search engine sales and content. Microsoft has also been in a pitched advertising battle with Apple explaining that PC users like their computers to work well and be inexpensive and ‘if you’re calling PC users nerds, we out number you significantly and can kick your whiny designer butts with or without our pocket protectors’.

Google has developed both a fast growing web browser (Chrome) and an operating system – both targeted at Microsoft – and a new phone (the Android/G-phone) to take on Apple’s i-phone as well as a new Google voice application for the i-phone…which Apple summarily will not release at present, causing all sorts of legal wrangling including the resignation of Google’s CEO from Apple’s Board of Directors.

Apple has blown the roof off mobile communication with the i-phone and has gotten the attention of PC users who are digging the Apple style. Apple will cause a major shake-up when they decide which phone providers will get to use the i-phone going forward (AT&T has an exclusive i-phone agreement currently but that is up for renewal- Verizon and maybe Sprint are chomping at the bit to be included going forward). Apple doesn’t like Google anymore (see above paragraph). Apple and Microsoft’s feud goes back many years.

Change is good. Watching the technology chess game that is unfolding among these digital giants is fascinating.

They will not be ignored and they will not be pigeon-holed.

We shouldn’t in our businesses either. Get out of your comfort zone today.

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