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While the voice over trip to New York City was a bust a few weeks ago because of weather (what are ya gonna do?) the non-voice over trip to Miami had some wonderful voice over highlights.

I had brief hopes Sunday of connecting with voice talent Mike Elmore (winner of the Unofficial Jimmy Fallon Announcer Faux-ditions) while in Miami. Mike caught my arrival update in Miami off of Facebook. Alas he had familial commitments that precluded that connection and I fully understand; hopefully next time.

Caryn Clark and Kara Edwards were also going to try and come over from the Tampa side of the state but that didn’t work out either and would have been a crazy drive just to see me.

Male Voice Talent Doug Turkel - Unnouncer

Male Voice Talent Doug Turkel - Unnouncer

Monday night I was able to grab dinner with the Unnouncer, Doug Turkel. I really feel sorry for waiters who wait on the two of us when we’re at dinner cause it’s hard for them to take our order. We’ve got so much to talk about between voice over, social media, new equipment, family and other stuff, the wait staff can’t get a word in edge wise. Doug is such a great friend and peer, I always feel fortunate to spend time learning from him.

And, he said making his segue, one of the things I learned from Doug at our dinner was that he had done as he said he was going to last time we visited. He started up a Voice Over Master Mind Group in Miami.

What’s that you ask?

Well, a brief and incomplete answer is it’s a concentrated networking, education and quasi-support group for voice talent. The idea came to Doug from his brother (the same brother who helped Doug coin the Unnouncer moniker) who formed a very successful Master Mind Group for his connections (though his group his less industry based and more C-Level in its focus.

The monthly Voice Over Master Mind Group that Doug formed allows participating voice talents to talk about all aspects of their business. For example, each person starts out by talking about a recent success and a recent challenge or miss they experienced in their business – this offers a great way to share in the wins and help give ideas and insights into how misses might be avoided next time….all in a totally professionally supportive way.

The group then focuses on a topic they had agreed upon at the last meeting; this way they can look up some helpful information on the voice over related topic to share at the meeting to keep the discussion moving and credible. Tuesday’s topic was the always, thrilling, exciting and dicey topic of voice talent rates. It was truly insightful to have an honest roundtable about rates, how to deal with clients on rates, how to have some spine when dealing with them on rates and how people make use (or don’t make use) of pay-to-play sites.

The other great thing about this meeting is that each person speaks about something they want to accomplish in their careers by the next meeting and the group holds them accountable…that is huge! When we are accountable, we execute and the members of the Miami Voice Over Master Mind Group each gets’er done!

The icing on this already delicious cake (oh, and yes there actually WAS cake at the meeting, as if you thought it couldn’t get any better) was that I got to meet some talented and truly nice people – peers in the voice over profession.

<em>Female Voice Talent Mindy Baer</em>

Female Voice Talent Mindy Baer

In addition to the aforementioned Unnouncer, also in attendance was Miami morning radio legend and now full time voice over talent Mindy Baer

<em>Female Voice Talents and On-Camera Talents Mary Chamberlain and Jackie Bales</em>

Female Voice Talents and On-Camera Talents Mary Chamberlain and Jackie Bales

Jackie Bales a former news anchor and now a lovely on-camera spokesperson and voice talent; the equally beautiful on-camera talent and voice actor Mary Chamberlain

<em>Male Voice Talent Doug Turkel and Female Voice Talent Lisa Lupari</em>

Male Voice Talent Doug Turkel and Female Voice Talent Lisa Lupari

The Voice Babe – Lisa Lupari-what a terrific branding moniker that is! That brand name says it all!

<em>Male Voice Talent Zurek</em>

Male Voice Talent Zurek

The fast rising voice star Zurek – he of Voiceover Universe, new SBV client, video seminar pal of Joe Cipriano, promo voice for BET and the voice of a new national spot for Sports Illustrated.

It was a real treat to be invited in on this group’s very special meeting and I think it’s a terrific idea for other voice talents in other markets to create something similar to build their network, their educational resources and possibly save their sanity by getting out of the sound booth once and a while.

9 Responses to “voiceover master mind group in miami”

  1. Peter-

    Thank you for the recap! I’ve been considering starting something similar here in Tampa, and was planning to contact Doug to see how he put his together. I’m still disappointed we missed each other this time- hopefully we’ll make it happen at some point soon!


  2. Hi Kara:

    We will make it happen, fear not!

    And I highly encourage you to start a voice over master mind group in Tampa. If it doesn’t work…well, you tried. If it does work, watch out! (In a good way).

    Best always,
    – Peter

  3. What a GREAT idea!
    That Doug is so cool! 🙂

    It was such a s shame that Mother Nature precluded us seeing you in NYC last month!..hopefully you’ll be back soon! 🙂



  4. I’m sorry we didn’t get to meet up Peter! But, wow, what a trip you had!!! Good one!!!

    I love Doug’s idea and wish I lived in Miami so I could participate. I would love to start something like this in Southwest Florida… but am not sure there are enough vo talent that would want to participate. Hmmmm… I’ll have to give this some thought and perhaps send out an email to see if there’s any interest!

  5. Caryn,
    Yes, I am very interested in participating in a V/O group! My V/O career, such as it is, is less than a hobby for reasons I cannot figure out. There was a time when I was somewhat busy, but this year I might as well be hiding out in a cave somewhere. My computer system, mixing board and mic are gathering dust…Pretty expensive dust collectors!

    Anyway, I subscribe to the theory that if you want to be successful at something, hang around with those who are and learn from them. The group you are working on starting seems like the perfect venue to accomplish this.

  6. I am thousands of miles from Florida but after reading this account, I wish I could have been there. Next best thing? Reading about it.

  7. Peter,

    It was a pleasure meeting you, and feeding off your great wisdom!

    Looking forward to your next Miami trip.


  8. @Caryn Clark – I’m sorry we didn’t get to meet up again either but you know me, when I get near your town, I’ll give you a call

    @Rev. Steve Barnett I wish you great success in your pending voice over career. I hope you’ll read The Voice Over Entrance Exam as part of your study (www.voiceoverentranceexam.com)

    @Diane Maggipinto one of the great highlights of my year was getting to spend time with you this summer in Boston. I hope you are equally as fortunate to catch up with Doug and his crew in Miami. Truly all fine folks

    @Zurek the pleasure was mine and clearly your peers in the group are glad to have you on board as well! I hope you’ll come back and visit here often.

    Best always,
    – Peter

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