the power of social media

blog action day, october 15, 2007

20,603 blogs/bloggers participated.

23,327 blog posts.

14,631,038 RSS readers.


It started in August and it spread across the internet, gathering steam and support as it went. People talked about it on their blogs which other people read and also signed up.

Blog Action Day. One theme: the environment. It wasn’t slanted democratic or republican, conservative or liberal. The topic was the environment and could be written in any way needed to relate to the larger issue in a way suited to the blog and its readership.

Simple. Understandable. Executable.

I noted that I wasn’t the only voice over talent blogging either. Elaine Singer, and Karen Commins had posts that I read as well. Like the other 20,600, each different, each insightful.

Let’s hope now that the writing’s done, there is some serious reading as well as thinking done. And action is always appreciated.

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