the perfect mix of viral marketing and customer service

Chances are you’ve heard of marketing and even guerilla marketing. If you dabble at all on the internet (especially if your business is based there) you may have heard of viral marketing.

The best viral marketing occurs when people of influence combine with us fairly standard issue types to promote an activity or service that a company has performed. It gets a company great publicity and usually it’s FREE. Good news spreads like a “virus”, get it?

There are no great formulas or guarantees for successful viral marketing but if you offer extraordinary customer service as part of your daily business practice, you’re more likely to gain some positive viral notoriety.

This all leads me to a company called Zappos and they sell shoes. That area couldn’t have been further from my interests until Seth Godin wrote about a blog that some 15 people told him he should read.

I read Seth’s post. I click on the link there to get to this post which told a customer service story about Zappos.

This looks to be legitimate so based on what I read I would like to ask you to consider buying your next pair of shoes from Zappos if you’re in the market for a new pair of shoes.

And as it gets more viral, I doubt I’ll be the last person to tell you that.

4 Responses to “the perfect mix of viral marketing and customer service”

  1. Did you know I’m in the market to buy a pair of running shoes? Zappos is also connected to AAFES, (The Army Air Force Exchange Service)so I always check them out. They often have some really good deals.

  2. Well Chris with your discount and Zappos customer service, maybe we’ve just sold this blog’s first pair of shoes!

    Best always,
    – Peter

  3. Good article and nice example of because zappos is a brand name in shoes business and it’s services.

  4. Online:

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    – Peter