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In spite of my A-type personality, through which I may occasionally come off sounding like I know everything, I know I’ve much to learn (I think that’s a realization for most folks as the age).

In fact, I try to listen and or read many posts or books of people whose opinions I respect. They may have new knowledge on something I know nothing about or they may have a new perspective in an area of my expertise that I had either never considered or had left off my check list.

Such is the case with my friend and client Leesa Barnes. She, who must now also be credited as a “published author” (bow or curtsey as you please), offered a wonderful reminder post today about how to position a podcast. You may call it a slogan or a tagline, she calls it a Unique Podcast Message (UPM).

Leesa has taken a tried and true marketing tactic and applied it to podcasting: “A secret to gaining a ton of listeners or viewers is to describe your podcast in 10-words or less with an emphasis on describing the problem your podcast solves.”

Well I hadn’t done that yet. So her post got me going and here are some possibilities:

• Zigzagging across the worlds of voiceover, marketing and advertising; not necessarily in that order.
I like this one because Zigzagging is a word that I think establishes the fun the listener will experience with the podcast…it won’t be boring. It also helps define the voxmarketising title a bit (although there will always be some folks who don’t get it. But think back to way back when….did you even know how to pronounce the word “Oprah” when you first heard it?). On the down side, this IS more than 10 words. Crap!

• Where the worlds of voiceover, marketing and advertising collide!
For sheer brevity and violence, this one may have a real shot of sticking.

• voxmarketising – the audio’connell podcast: more fun than having your back waxed!
While this is certainly true (I would assume) I don’t know if it clearly explains the point of the podcast

So I am now requesting your opinion!

Which slogan do you like best? Which works? Can you think of a better one? If you come up with one and I use it, I’ll not pay you one red cent while I snatch it up but will scream your praises on line.

You can post below or leave your comment on the voxmarketising comment line at +01 716-989-6151


6 Responses to “vote for the slogan you like!”

  1. Well the third one is a throw out. The scond one is very cliche. Everyone without an original thought would use “collide.” I think I might have used it once. YUCK! The first one is ‘eye-catching,’ but it lacks what I think is your “brand recognition.”

    voxmarketising…this branded word needs to be in your slogan…

  2. Chris:

    Back waxing can be a very memorable experience, you don’t think that one’s in the running? 🙂

    Thanks for your input. And welcome home!

    Best always,
    – Peter

  3. I like the ‘zigzagging across’ slogan best. I wonder if it would be more concise without the ‘not necessarily in that order’ line?


  4. More concise?! That would imply that everyone in the world isn’t hanging on my every word?

    That couldn’t be true…could it? 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Thanks very much for the idea, Kara!

    Best always,
    – Peter

  5. Peter,

    I like the sound of the term “voxmarketising”… crazy but compellingly comprehensive (pardon the alliteration)!

    Are you planning on saying it as one word really quickly or quasi-separating the syllables with subtle glottal stop(s)?



  6. Oh, voxmarketising will be one word. I expect people will start using it in sentences…”have you been voxmarketizing again?” 🙂

    Best always,
    – Peter