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â–º (0:00) Show Open: (Voxmarketising Episode #100/ Show date: October 25, 2007)

â–º (1:00) Welcome:

â–º (1:55) Oversight (Stuff You Might Have Missed):
Podcamp Boston 2- http://podcamp.pbwiki.com/PodCampBoston2

Voice Talent In Trouble- Will Lyman’s narration work for the Internet Innovation Alliance ticks off PBS and WGBH http://broadcastingcable.com/article/CA6487874.html

A Younger You: Voices.com looks for early recordings from today’s voice talents

Voice Over Marketing- Review pending regarding Voices.com’s new book “Internet Marketing Plan for Voice Actors”.

New Gadgets- The very new AT&T Tilt instead of the i-Phone

A New Kind of Press Release- Social Media News Releases

How Business Reacts to Social Media- Mitch Joel’s link to a report from McKinsey & Company http://www.twistimage.com/blog/archives/mckinsey-reports-on-how-businesses-understand-social-media-and-web-20/
Sad Spirit Robert Gorell at Grokdotcom on how bad Spirit Airlines customer service has become. http://www.grokdotcom.com/2007/10/24/spirit-air-you-dont-have-to-turn-on-the-red-light/

A new Holiday: Holiday Inn gets a $1 billion makeover from logos to mattresses and everything in between

â–º (10:22)VMT Interview (On voiceover or marketing or advertising or all of the above):
Steve Chazin, Marketing Apple, on the turning tide of the i-Phone

â–º (19:22) Popular Demand (Voice Comments, Emails and Blogs Posts from Listeners):
Voting on the voxmarketising podcast slogan with advice from Leesa Barnes http://www.leesabarnes.com/developing-your-unique-podcast-message/

â–º (21:04) Show Close:
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