why casting matters

It struck me when I watched this commercial how critical excellent casting was to the success of the message and the comedy.

I suppose I should try and make some bigger point here but, um, really that’s all I had to say on the matter. The spot was well cast.

4 Responses to “why casting matters”

  1. No need to make a bigger point. I think the spot pretty much speaks for itself. It’s fantastic.

  2. Yay Canada!
    We have been Shaw Cable customers for a long time and I am lucky to list them as a sports client too: 6 years now for the voice imaging for the Western Hockey League:)
    Their main internet competition in Canada, Telus, also has some very good ads: TELUS is hanging on your every word


  3. Well your client made a really well done spot Ralph!

    Best always,

  4. I agree Marc, really well done!

    Best always,
    – Peter