social media video or tv show?

Because of my proximity to Toronto, I know of the Toronto-based social media author, broadcaster and blogger Amber MacArthur or Amber Mac as she’s known, maybe more than most folks in the states – although the web knows no borders.

I really enjoy one of her shows, CommandN and saw on her blog that she was recently featured in a video on a blog (also featured below). Amber has a new book out so she’s out hawking it like any capitalist author should do.

So I checked out the video and was blown away…not so much but the content which was fine but by the presentation of video which was unlike anything I’d seen on the web not produced by a network news department and re-purposed for the web.

Jimm Foxx and Rob Woodbridge have created an amazingly professional, interesting show that looks like it could be on a broadcast television network (any network) right now. It’s brilliant.

Why is this a big deal? Folks, I owned a video production company for many years and produced, directed and wrote more than my share of videos…it is a TON of work to get all the elements created and produced in such a way that it comes together looking so sharp.

Walking interviews, cut away, sit down interview with multiple cameras, motion graphics…it takes time and resources. Freshly produced video on the web is not new. For example, Amber’s CommandN show is nice Rebel Voice’s production takes the production quality standard to a new level.

So to see Rebel Voice on a web based platform should make you applaud AND wonder…what does this mean for TV, for broadcasting, for the tools we use to absorb media.

If a two man web operation can do this and make it look this good, this viewer friendly….obliterating the line (certainly in the consumer’s mind just by watching it) of broadcast media and web media…can they both coexist or does one have to die off? How quick a death?

We are the people for whom this information is being created and these web channels are the tubes through which they are sent – does it make you think about the media’s future or is it just another day in webville?

Rebel Voice Episode #3 Amber MacArthur from Rob Woodbridge on Vimeo.

5 Responses to “social media video or tv show?”

  1. Hi Peter,

    Thanks SO much for penning this and for appreciating the work that goes into producing a “show” like the one we did with Amber. Technology has really made it much easier to produce content but it really does come down to a great vision and then editing the final product to that vision…and that’s all Jimm Fox 🙂

    If also helps that Amber is such a pro!


  2. Great article, Peter. I worked on the logo/branding and motion graphics, so it is nice to see Rebel Voice starting to get noticed and appreciated.

  3. Well, the effort is certainly worth it. Nice job Rob.

    Best always,
    – Peter

  4. Hi Jeff,

    You did a really nice job.

    Best always,
    – Peter

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