bob souer is a TWO time radio mercury award nominee

Two Time Radio Mercury Award Nominee - Voice Talent Bob Souer

This is a big freakin’ deal.

For the radio industry, the Radio Mercury Awards are the real deal.

Ad agency’s get to take home the prizes (don’t they always – but we love our ad agencies here, no bitterness ;). For the associated producers and voice over talents, such a nomination is a real honor – hardware or not.

Well my friend Bob Souer (and truth be told, he’s everyone’s friend – he’s not terribly particular about his friends which is how I made the cut) is the sole announcer in not one but TWO commercials that are nominated for Radio Mercury Awards this year.

Two things stand out in both spots: great writing (and that’s usually where everything begins) and wonderful voice over interpretations.

Bob notes it’s an honor to be nominated – it is, he should be and I’m hoping you’ll join me in offering great wishes for a big win for my pal (our pal) Bob.

Radio Mercury Award Nominee-Virginia Tobacco Settlement Foundation (Bob Souer, Voice Talent)
[audio: Tobacco Settlement Foundation_Bob Souer Voice Talent.mp3]

Radio Mercury Award Nominee-Apex Pest Control (Bob Souer, Voice Talent)
[audio: Pest Control_Bob Souer Voice Talent.mp3]

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