i am a registered faffcampian! (that means i’m going to faffcamp)

I am registered for FaffCamp which will be taking place in Charlotte, NC, May 3-5.

I know a lot of you have wanted to attend FaffCon and for any number of reasons (being that it sells out in hours) could not.

FaffCamp will be much bigger than FaffCon…much! I can guarantee this because FaffCamp doesn’t have FaffCon’s attendance limit. You WILL be able to get in.

And you’ll want to get in because many of FaffCon’s favorite presenters will be presenting at FaffCamp. Yes, I will be leading an Improv session – new and improved with Natalie Stanfield Thomas.

I KNOW this because (also unique to FaffCamp) the weekend’s agenda will be laid out in advance of the event. So folks like Bob Souer, Doug Turkel, Cliff Zellman, Tom Dheere and Sean Caldwell will be presenting their extremely well received voice-over content. Right there, you’ve got probably 100 collective years of professional, money-making voice-over experience covering key voice-over topics like performance, marketing, rates, managing a VO business and more. And those are only SOME of the presenters.

The OTHER cool thing about FaffCamp is that on Friday – there will be an Expo and a voice-over industry panel. A slew of informative presentations offered by voice-over related sponsors will be given -giving you the opportunity to listen, ask questions about and maybe even try out some of the voice-over related products and services you’ve only read about.

And I haven’t even mentioned the networking you’ll do with you’re voice over peers.

So come on along, get yourself registered for what will likely be one of the most impactful voice-over weekends of your life. I’ll see you at FaffCamp.

NOTE: The fee for FaffCamp is $375 per person until midnight April 19. The fee goes up to $475 for late registration after April 19 (space permitting).

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