thank you gary owens and corey snow

Sometimes people ask me what I like most about my job. Some days I don’t have an answer. 😉

But I think on a clear day, I would say I love the community I work within, the other talents, even more so than the clients – who are equally amazing.

It’s the talents, however, who create great voice-over projects and from whom I learn so much (and yes, occasionally steal from).

Also, we sometimes create our own projects for our own artistic enjoyment (and maybe the enjoyment of others). A Christmas audio project I (and other VO-BB’ers did many years ago with my friend Phillip Banks and then later a video project with my friend Jeffrey Kafer comes immediately to mind. And then another project a group of us did for Armed Forces Radio was a hoot.

I really am thrilled to even be considered let alone invited to participate in these projects because the final piece is always fun.

So when my friend and fellow voice talent Corey Snow invited me and a bunch of other folks to participate in a tribute to Gary Owens we collectively couldn’t say yes fast enough.

The above video is that project and I was stunned to be the lead off voice on this thing – I should have, I dunno, worn a tie or something. But it’s just great heart felt video to tell a guy who has entertained so many people how great an impact he had on all of us, including:

Liz deNesnera

Monk Schane-Lydon

John LaPiana

Pam Tierney

Todd Ellis

Moe Eagan (who got driven to school once by Gary Owens!)

Joe J. Thomas

Doug Turkel

Chris Ratliff

CC Petersen

Bob Souer

Anthony Gettig

Kendra Hoffman

Lee Gordon

Karl Kuhlken

Corey Snow (who was the heart and soul behind this project)

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