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the university of dayton needs a little love

I got a note from my Alma Mater (aka the college that likes my meager donations just not my alumni chapter ideas) saying they have a new February fundraising campaign called “I *heart* UD”.

If you have some spare change, throw it their way in support of this worthwhile capital campaign idea.

The University of Dayton at one time owned the station where I began my radio career, WVUD-FM (a 50,000 watt adult contemporary station covering three states). They have long since sold the station (now WLQT where I don’t think they could have put LESS thought into their crap-tastic logo) and have a small student run station called WUDR Flyer Radio 99.5/98.1 FM (who with their creative and sharply designed logo put the big boys to shame). The students can still get their radio on there…in studios much nicer than we ever enjoyed in the early 80’s.

My fondest memories are of the Marianists at the school, a wonderful group of Brothers who really added a special dimension to UD. They were good, kind and devoted people – terrific role models who I can only hope will maintain a vital presence at the school. Without them, the University of Dayton would just be any other college.