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why yes those ARE new voice-over demo players

audio'connell Voice-Over Talent featuring the voice of Peter K. O'Connell

A screen shot of the audio’connell Voice-Over Talent Commercial Demo page featuring a new demo player

As you can see from the screen shot above and from THIS LINK to my Commercial Voice-Over Demo page on audioconnell.com, my website has new demo players that will make listening to the demos easier and downloading them more effective for producers.

This player allows you to listen not only to the entire demo but also individually demo segments – in ANY order you prefer.

Check out the new voice-over demo players….






PLUS you can now DOWNLOAD either the entire demo or just the voice segment you like to share with whomever is making the voice-over decisions on your media production.

All this will make your voice-over production duties that much easier.


voice-over puts the “explain” in explainer videos

For those who don’t know, explainer videos (also sometimes called video demos) are usually 1-3 minute videos that creatively tell the story of a product or service or even a story. There are many kinds…here’s an example of an explainer video I narrated for a DVD series which presented information about the Catholic Catechism in a friendly and creative way.

There are tons of talented production companies churning out amazing stories for products and services of all kinds. It’s an entertaining way of engaging a consumer.

Well, it’s supposed to be entertaining.

Problem is, just like in almost every facet of business, there are businesses out there who try and take crazy and short-sighted shortcuts on things like explainer videos with cheesy graphics and homegrown narration.

Yup, business owners narrate these videos themselves or have some family member narrate their explainer video, further diluting the possibility of any one watching the video past the first 10 seconds. It’s like watching a train wreck.

So here are my unsolicited tips for a valuable explainer video.

First, on an explainer video – visuals are the key…if they aren’t awesome, your production is in trouble. Visuals are job one.

Second, you don’t absolutely need a voice talent for a successful explainer video…but your visuals better tell a very, very, very good story…and you should look into a custom music bed too if you’re not going to use a voice talent.

Third, and I know I appear biased but I’ll take the risk, don’t do the narration for your explainer video in-house. Hire a voice-over professional (there are only a few thousand out there…see, I’m not just hawking my wares).

Great visuals and a great story teller will make your explainer video engaging and memorable. And that there’s the whole ballgame.

peter’s new narration demo video

Hey wait a minute.

Didn’t you just post this blog a couple of days ago?

“One of these things is not like the other…”

a commercial about a commercial production company?

I was supposed to be producing a video featuring my new commercial demo but while I was brainstorming this I came up with this video idea based on a design I created for my audio’connell Voice Over Talent business card.

So I made this video first. And no I have no earthly idea what to do with it except post it on YouTube. Maybe I can integrate it into a trade show display. Oh well, it’s not art but it’s harmless enough. Wonder if it’s too late to buy a spot in the Super Bowl?

school is in session

A couple of pings to my email box to pass along if you are so inclined:

Marice Tobias has announced her spring sessions for her “The Shift” voiceover training for commercials and narrations.

– St. Louis, MO – the weekend of May 15th

– Washington, D.C. – the weekend of May 22nd

– New York, NY – private sessions from May 24th – June 1st.

For information on Marice’s events, contact Stacey Stahl at 503-246-2239.

Pat Fraley is presenting “Making the “A” List: An Acting for Voice Over Event” featuring Pat, Ed Asner and Scott Brick on Saturday, May 22nd at World Famous Buzzy’s Recording in LA. To secure your spot call 818-400-3733.

I have been taught by both these individuals and while both have issued restraining orders against me because of my lack of performance skills (the way the both individually screamed “don’t ever back here” was kind eerie) , I’m sure you’ll fair much better. They are great teachers.

voice over xtra presents “mastering audiobook narration with alan sklar”


My friend John Florian runs Voice Over Xtra which is one of the top (if not the top) news sources for all things voice over. He is also a proud member of MCA-I which, as a international board member and chair of the membership committee, makes me doubly happy.

I mention John because he sent me an email advising that he will be hosting a seminar on November 7, 2009 in New York City entitled Mastering Audiobook Narration. This workshop will be led by master narrator Alan Sklar (also an MCA-I member, by the way).

John says Alan is the industry’s “go-to” narrator for dramatic fiction and clear, informative business, medical and educational books. All this time I thought I was that guy! Crap! 😉

Anyway, Voice Over Xtra is presenting Alan’s workshop which will take place at Shetler Studios, Studio 1 244 West 54th Street, 12th floor from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on November 7th. There are some spots available so if you’d like more details you can call 203-459-8834 or just sign up here.