“get yur red hot photos!”

Voice Actors and the Internet Panel at VOICE 2010 (Back row i.e. the tall people) David Kaplan, Voice Over Xtra's! John Florian, Doug Turkel (front row i.e. the little people) Peter K. O'Connell, VOICE Co-founder James Alburger, Trish Basyani and VOICE Co-founder Penny Abshire

I’m not sure if they total a million but there certainly are a s—load of pictures from VOICE 2010 now available to look at.

After awhile -because there are SO many -it’s kind of like looking at someone’s vacation photos – more fun if you were there. And I gotta say, since I was there, it was a lot of fun to look at.

To add to the fun (cause they’re fun people) I’ll propose a new drinking game while looking at the photos – take a drink every time you see a photo with either of the co-founders of VOICE 2010 James Alburger or Penny Abshire. Take two drinks if you see them in the same photo.

If you view the album in calendar order, I think you’ll be truly drunk by the end of Wednesdays photos, blacking out by the end of Thursday’s album and in the hospital by Friday.

Actually, its probably safer if you look at the pictures without any drinks at all. 😉

2 Responses to ““get yur red hot photos!””

  1. I wonder if when either Peny or James walked through the VOICE2010 admin office door someone took a photo, everyone applauded and there was a “thank you” speech.

  2. Hi Philip,

    My guess is more likely Penny and James did the applauding when the volunteers came through the door as that was a big conference to pull together and it seemed to all go pretty smoothly.

    But man there were a ton of pictures, weren’t there?!

    Best always,
    – Peter