an overdue thank you note to keith carson of top hat productions

Keith Carson of Top Hat Productions presenting at VOICE 2010

I am ashamed of myself for the length of time it has taken me to properly thank Keith Carson of Top Hat Productions. Were my dear Mother alive she would rip me a new one for taking so long with a proper thank you. That was always a big deal to her and she was/is right.

Here’s the story:

Thursday at VOICE 2010, I pop into Keith Carson’s presentation “Your Voiceover Demo” which not surprisingly was packed. I was sitting on the floor against the wall in the back of the room listening and working on my laptop (busy day).

He’s talking about some good stuff when Keith holds up a CD (which I couldn’t see cause I was in the back on the floor) and says something to the effect of “what a great example of branding this CD has, this is Peter O’Connell’s.”

My head pops up like a gopher in heat cause I have no idea what CD he’s talking about as I hadn’t sent one out in about 5 years. And yet there was one of my CD’s in Keith’s hand as he continues to say how unified and perfect my branding is.

He held on to it…for years!

So with this gracious public compliment I repay him by waiting over a month to say thank you for the kind words. I’m not worthy but I am grateful and I do want to publicly say thank you to Keith for his compliment and his very generous presentation.

Thank you Keith!

Best always,
– Peter

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  2. Very cool! And I agree with Leith!

  3. ACK! Keith! I agree with Keith! (For the record, I disagree completely with Leith.)

  4. Amy

    This gave me a HEARTY laugh to start my day and I’m keeping this outtake, thank you very much!

    Best always,

  5. okay. you’ll be forgiven if you make with more details.

    what were the elements that made your demo so noteworthy?

    inquiring copycats want to know!


  6. Hey RG,

    You know last night I searched the studio high and low for a copy of one of my old demos and I couldn’t find it. I knew readers would want to see it.

    I may have to call Keith and have him email me a scan of the disc. I don’t reallt send CD’s anymore and I don’t have access to the resources I did 5 years ago to make the disc.

    IN a nut shell, it was a printable disc that included logo and color scheme as well as numbered tracks.

    Then I delivered it in a clear plastic CD case without a cover as the cover of the CD itself was the CD shell’s cover.

    I hope that helps.

    Best always,
    – Peter