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Many folks remember the Good Housekeeping seal of approval on products. What you might not know is that it still exists.

To combat that “little” marketing problem, they’ve redesigned their logo. They’ve freshened the brand.

Please vote for the logo you think is the new logo. (Now of course if you know the answer, don’t ruin it for everyone else, by spilling the beans…just vote).

Is it obvious? Am I playing a trick on you? Cast your vote for fun and in a few days we’ll review.

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5 Responses to “pick the new logo”

  1. I’d vote that it’s the top one. They’re going for a retro feel with the font and all, but it still look too polished to be retro. knowwhutimean?

  2. I suspect Jeffrey is right about the one they went for – but the one *I* like, is the bottom one. 🙂 I think a seal should be a promise – and I think the colors are more eye catching. But what do I know? 😉

  3. OK, one vote for each. I love the thought processes!

    Now you might get some sense of what marketers go through when they have to pick a logo. It’s fun but its a very inexact science.

    Best always,
    – Peter

  4. I think it must be the first one, because retro is in, and because the 2nd one looks a bit dated–late 90s or so. You’ll post to Twitter on this, right?

    hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  5. Hi Betty:

    Isn’t it funny that we are at a stage in our lives where something from THE 90’S looks dated 🙂

    I did post on twitter but I think alot of folks are off twitter for the holidays. Please feel free to re-tweet it if you like, I’d be honored.

    I’d add your vote to the count,

    Best always
    – Peter

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