“thanks for that on-the-spot report, les!”


It is a joyous Thanksgiving tradition within this company more sacred than almost any other. I hope it gives you the pleasure to watch that it gives us.

Please say a prayer for those traveling and those away from home (fighting on our behalf) or without a home on this or any day. We’re lucky and we know it but sometimes we don’t know it.

Happy Thanksgiving – click away to the tradition here.

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4 Responses to ““thanks for that on-the-spot report, les!””

  1. OMG, Peter!
    I remember that when it aired!…
    Yeah…OK…Gary Sandy looked good in those jeans….what can I say….Maybe THAT’S why I ended up in radio! 😉

    Happy Day!



  2. Liz-

    The jeans thing had to be it cause as an actor, I didn’t get Gary’s character sometimes (now Bailey Quarters I definitely got!) .

    But then again, I can’t stage act my way out of a paper bag and I hope someday soon to get my voice acting diploma…the matchbook cover coupon I filled out said if I send it in with $50 I’d get my own personalized voice acting diploma.

    But that was 6 months ago, does it take that long?

    Best always,
    – Peter

  3. My favorite line is when Jennifer says (on the phone to the ASPCA) “A lot of Turkeys don’t make it through Thanksgiving.”

  4. I don’t know if the cast and crew knew they were creating a comedy classic but they did…every performance equally great!

    How Richard Sanders didn’t win an Emmy for that, I have no idea!! Thanks Amy.

    Best always,
    – Peter

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