publicly recognizing a selfless act

Buffalo, NY Police Officer Carl Andolina

Fox Television Network’s America’s Most Wanted regularly honors those in law enforcement whose selfless dedication to their communities and their fellow officers went far beyond the call of duty. The award is called America’s Most Wanted All-Stars. There are many worthwhile nominees. Luckily for those of us around the world, in every country, we’re honored to have these brave men and women on our side.

In my hometown of Buffalo, New York, one amazing police officer is being recognized as a nominee and finalist and I would like to ask you to vote for him, once a day, everyday until May 8th, 2007. reading the story in print cannot evoke the true horror of the circumstances he and his partner faced.

Last December, Officer Carl Andolina, responding to a fight in progress at a convenience store, faced the ultimate nightmare scenario for a law enforcement officer. The veteran officer and his partner Officer Patricia Parete, approached a suspect pointed out by the store clerk. Little did they know that this individual was a violent convicted felon who was on parole. The two officers approached the suspect who waited until they were literally inches away before he began firing his weapon. Two rounds struck Officer Parete – – shattering her jaw bone and lodging in her spine. Officer Andolina acted quickly – – he grabbed the suspect’s gun and was shot. Without regard for his personal safety and with a bullet in his neck, Andolina wrestled the shooter to the ground, subduing him until help arrived. Andolina is recovering from his injuries while his partner was not so fortunate. Today, Officer Parete remains on a respirator undergoing a slow recovery. Andolina’s selfless actions are still evident as he assists in raising money and providing support for Parete’s family. Buffalo Police Lieutenant, Danny Williams, commented ” both officers were two young good cops. Carl’s first response was ‘how is my partner.'”

Please place your vote once a day, everyday for Officer Carl Andolina by clicking here. And please encourage your friends and family to do the same. The prizes Officer Andolina would receive as a winner could never be considered proper repayment but recognized he must be.

It is not in my nature to make such a public request unless I believe a situation to be extremely worthwhile. I hope you’ll help me in this effort.

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  1. I was checking out the website, preparing for a trip to my hometown next month, when I came by articles about Carl Andolina and his partner, Patricia Pereta. I am also a Buffalonian and have lived there until 2003 when I married and began my life as a military family. We are currently living in Japan and planning a visit back home to Buffalo in June while my husband is deployed on the U.S.S. Kitty Hawk. My husband, selflessly gives his life daily to protect Americans so they may live in freedom. It is SO HEROIC to also see that our hometown is selflessy protected by hero’s like Carl and Patricia. God bless them both!!

  2. Linda:

    Thanks so much for visiting. At this writing you are not only the longest distance blogger but you’ve also proved that you can find a Buffalonian almost anywhere!

    Officer Andolina and the great daily heros like him deserve all the praise they can get.

    I hope you can get your Sabres swag in Japan!

    Best always,

  3. […] to all of you who read about him here and elsewhere and voted, not only for Officer Andolina but for any of the deserving nominees. This […]

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