nancy grace hoisted by her own petard

There is a lot to like about Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show”. While I don’t have time to watch it often, I see clips on You Tube (which is sort of like my internet DVR). For the most part, Stewart’s show makes fun of everyone; an equal opportunity offender of sorts which speaks directly to my sensibilities (I’m just too dumb sometimes to know when I’ve unintentionally offended, which is why God invented the apology).

Combine that like with my fervent dislike for shows like “Nancy Grace” on Headline News and The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News. Both are popular cable programs that I think set professional broadcasting back centuries and give their audiences a terribly warped view on most topical issues not to mention what should be considered acceptable on-air behavior, especially when it comes to debate and discussion.

Anyway, I found a clip of a recent Stewart show in which he replays Grace’s vitriolic, vehement indictments of the Duke students accused of raping a woman at a party. It was a serious accusation that if proven true, should have been severely punished….through our legal system….not our cable news networks. After over a year, the accusation was proven untrue and the defendants were completely cleared of all charges. Save for the fact that they were convicted in a court of public opinion through the efforts of many ill-conceived broadcasts, including Nancy Grace’s show…as Jon Stewart observed.

2 Responses to “nancy grace hoisted by her own petard”

  1. I hadn’t seen that yet…hillarious! Thanks for posting!


  2. Kara:

    I give all the credit in the world to the poor producers who had to sit through that woman’s program, listen to her baloney all in an effort to catch her shaping her truth.

    It was very funny stuff indeed! Thanks for visiting…you have an open invitation!

    Best always,

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