buffalo sabres vs. new york rangers

buffalo sabres vs. new york rangers

Sabres in 6.

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  1. Peter, Great minds think alike:)
    Let’s ssssstick with thesssse sssssuper teamssss in round 2:
    SSSSSabresSSSS over Rangers in 6
    SSSSharksssss over Red Wings in 6
    SSSSSenatorsssss over Devils in 7

    Ducks over Canucks in 6

    Country music is popular in Dallas, Nashville and Calgary. But the teams in those cities all got eliminated in the first round. Ouch!!

  2. Hey Ralph-

    I don’t know if they’re going to talk about it in the MSG coverage (Reader FYI- Ralph is the voice over talent for MSG productions featuring the Sabres and thusly Ralph is a HUGE Sabres fan 😉 but NYC’s Mayor Bloomberg proved very ASSumptive in his reponse to Buffalo’s Mayor Brown’s request for a friendly series wager.

    “Bloomberg’s aide wrote back to Mayor Brown’s office:

    ‘Mayor Bloomberg has only the highest praise for what Mayor Brown is doing in Buffalo. Norwood ? I mean ‘nor would’ ? we ever mention other memorable postseason games that Buffalo lost to a New York team. But we simply can?t(sic) go making friendly food wagers every time one of our pro teams enters the postseason. After all, there are only about 18,000 restaurants in New York City.’
    -Stu Loeser, Spokesman for Mayor Bloomberg”
    (Quote courtesy of WGRZ-TV/www.wgrz.com)

    Mr. Loser’s Norwood mention references former Buffalo Bills kicker Scott Norwood’s wide right field goal attempt again the New Jersey (uh) New York Giants in a Super Bowl some years back.

    Not that Mayor Bloomberg likely knows much about hockey as one can guess billionaires like him seem to prefer polo or croquet or a thrilling game of backgammon.

    We’ll win in 5 but I’ll “offer” 6 and gloat later.

    Best always,

  3. Well Peter…if the Sabres fall short, it’s all your fault:)
    Spoken like a true politician, eh?

  4. Gasp!!!!!


    Say five “Hail Marys” and cover yourself in garlic!!!!!

    Go Sabres!

    Best always,


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