blogging and the digital facts


There are many good reasons to subscribe to blogs. One of the reasons I like to subscribe to certain blogs is that I feel fairly confident I’m going to find hard, useful information or the “Cliff Notes” version of same as a subscribee (this may be a new word cause I just thought it up in my head as I was writing and if it is I am copyrighting it right now subscribee©).

Sometimes I come across great writing in my on going searches and sometimes I met individuals at conferences whose presentations and general knowledge (nay, disposition) impress me so much that I want to see if their blogs convey that positive impression. Usually they do.

Such was the case when I met Mitch Joel of Twist Image at Podcamp Toronto. As much as I took away from that experience regarding podcasting and blogging, in Mitch I also came across a savvy marketing thinker (and because there are so few of us…oh to finish that sentence would just be bragging}kidding). Point is he’s a sharp marketing guy.

Like me, on a constant search for good, summary data, Mitch got a heads up on the Digital Fact Pack Guide To The Digital Marketing World, produced by Ad Age. I’ve finished going through it once (and I imagine I’ll be culling more data from it soon) but it would be worth your time to visit Mitch’s site and see for yourself.

Thanks Mitch.

2 Responses to “blogging and the digital facts”

  1. Thank you Peter. You have no idea how many new concepts I got out of meeting/hearing you speak at PodCamp.

    What’s that saying, “one good turn deserves another”?


    Enjoy the facts – I still look at it quite a bit.

  2. Hey Mr. World Class Speaker:

    You are on an impressive roll my friend, sharing the stage with Presidents and big time CEO! Congrats!

    Come back and visit often…you’re always welcome here.

    Best always,