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why doing the right thing is rarely wrong – springhill suites by marriott


Long time readers of this blog, well, plural may be pushing it. As the long time reader of this blog, you know that if I get crappy service or am dealt with unfairly, I will make note of it here. Call it a rant, call it complaining or call it justice.

However, when I am bowled over by even the slightest effort being shown on the good side of customer service, I like to point that out as well.

This post is an example of the latter.

So I was in Seattle at the SpringHill Suites Downtown Seattle again this week. I have written of their outstanding customer service in the past. Well this past Tuesday I came back to my room to an envelope the contents of which I have photographed and placed on this blog post.

It includes a complimentary drink ticket to the hotel’s bar (which along with the entire main lobby was completely redone between December 2009 and March 2009 – really fast and really great looking). Now most Marriott-branded hotels like this one offer something similar (he said, writing the post in his Courtyard Inn room in Pittsburgh, PA and looking at a $1.00 off coupon from their bar/restaurant) but you can already see in the blog post’s picture the point of difference I shall now rave about.

It shows not only a drink ticket, but a business card and hand written note from Barbra Leipper (“I spell my name like Streisand” ;), the hotel’s director of sales and marketing (oh yes, I’ve kept her card!). Also check out the very fancy hand lettering on the envelope. All of it personalized.

The wonderful and poignant part of this example of customer service is that it is SO darn simple. A quick, hand written note to a preferred customer, a frequent shopper, a regular. Oh that we should have so many regulars that half our day is spent writing them each a personal thank you note.

We can all do this….but we don’t do it enough or at all. Barbra does and now you know she does too!

andy richter nailed it (oh and conan hosted his first tonight show)


Monday Conan O’Brien began the new Tonight Show and it was a great show.

Even more important was Andy Richter’s start as the show’s new announcer and he was absolutely spot on. When he introduces the title to the show it conveys his excitement and lets the viewer know something special is about to start.

You can check out the entire broadcast here including Andy’s great opening announce.

I noted here previously how happy I was to hear that Conan was bringing Andy back into the fold. At present, Andy is just at the announcer’s position but they really should bring Andy in as sidekick because they work really well together on camera.

At any rate I’m really happy for both of them and for the team working on the show. It was a great first effort and a beautiful production.