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now these are some olympic logos

You know how much I enjoy Olympic logos…yes it’s odd but its a harmless fascination.

Check out this impressive collection of Olympic logos to see some significant shifts in branding.

‘we are the world’ in its purest form (this is social media)

Back in 1985, when I was working at WVUD-FM in Dayton (now WLQT), CBS Radio affiliates were given early access, via network satellite, to “We Are The World” before records (yes records) got mailed to stations. WVUD as a CBS affiliate could download it and as production manager, that’s what I did, running the cart down to the on-air studio so Pat Haverland, our midday guy, could be first to air it in the market; he did and we were.

So the song has always had a special place within me…and (for different reasons) just about everybody else.

I will grant you that 25 years ago and then again this year, the professional singers who participated in the recordings had the best of intentions and indeed turned in fine performances.

But when I saw George Whittam’s facebook posting of this very unique video of a less famous rendition, it made me think that maybe this was how it was supposed to be performed in the first place. Social media done extremely well? What do you think?

gina tuttle nails the announcer gig for oscar 2010

Female Voice Talent Gina Tuttle

I don’t know if you caught the 2010 Oscars last night.

I did and I thought it was a pretty good show. I thought it was VERY interesting at the end for best picture how Tom Hanks seemed to walk on stage and just read the winner’s name without any recognition of the 10 nominees (yes they did little BP vignette’s throughout the telecast). But it just seemed like he got told “go out, read the winner and get off…we’re LATE!” Maybe it was just me but I chuckled (been there, done that…just, you know, not on the Oscars).

But to the point of this post, congrats to someone I do not know in this industry (probably there are more I don’t know than I do know) and that would be Gina Tuttle who served as announcer for the 82nd Oscar broadcast. She was an excellent choice to my ear. Congratulations on a job really well done.

welcome rare earth interactive to the blogosphere

Yes, I had a blog before my web designers had a blog.

They helped me design it, upload it and maintain it. They thought it was really swell.

And then they sat for about a hundred years on the blogosphere sidelines. Oy! Well, they were busy doing a ton of highly successful web projects for big name companies in the meantime, so I kinda understand the delay.

But only kinda. 😉

You can lead web geeks to water but you cannot make them drink the blog kool-aid…initially. But now that they have tasted it, they may become addicted and we will all be better for it.

Craig Chapman and his team at Rare Earth Interactive have created their own blog and it will be tremendous. There are oodles of factoids on web design, search engine optimization, content, flash and loads of other helpful stuff that they will likely offer on their blog. It will be good stuff.

They’ve been a great partner for me and I hope you’ll take time to enjoy their ride as well.

just a cool thing to watch

There creativity, artistry, music and a true sense of achievement in this video.

But it’s also just a blast to watch.

you’re only as good an announcer as your audio-visual tech

This one gave me a chuckle.

The Buffalo Niagara Sales and Marketing Executives hosted their yearly awards gala and they asked if I would do the live announce again. I said sure, we worked out a trade deal and all was good. I did warn them that sometimes travel comes up and then I might have to pass; they were cool with that.

Travel came up and off I was to be on a plane instead of behind the mic for them. I said the only option I had for them was that I could pre-record it the show for them into individual sound files and they audio-visual technician would play them back for the proper intros. They loved that idea, I recorded it, they loved how it sounded, it was done well in advance and sent over to the av company to get them comfortable with pacing and technical stuff, etc.

So the night of the show comes and goes and the next day I email to see how it went. Here’s the answer I got:

Well….funny you should ask. Hi Peter – the rehearsals went really well but we did have a glitch during the actual intros. I sat with the av guy to make sure he knew when to cue the next person’s intro. He would hit the button with your recording and then play music in between. However, he hit the button too quick after announcing the Key Bank winner and we heard “from Business First” too soon so he stopped it right away. Unfortunately, by stopping it the way he did, it was miscued and then it went back to the very beginning of the recording again. Luckily he wrote down the exact time of each recording so it was a matter of getting back to the right time on the recording but he kept missing it so we had about 2 full minutes of waiting and wondering what was up. My face was on fire J

Your voice was loud and clear and it sounded like you were right there so that was very cool. I think considering what the av guys had to do, they did an awesome job. And other than that, the night was fabulous. We are getting rave reviews.


So tonight on Facebook, I see my friend Nancy Knight posted something so I threw a kudo towards her as she was one of the award winners —who happened to be the NEXT intro when the AV had the hand-eye coordination melt down on his computer mouse. Nancy wrote:

Peter — thanks for the kind words — yeah, the audio left me and my prom date stuck at the top of the stairs for QUITE some time… before I figured it was all automated, I thought you were mad at me or something…

Oy! Usually I only annoy people when I am present but thanks to one tech, I annoyed hundreds of people while in Texas. Sorry Nancy. 🙁

Of course, I never make mistakes. Like the time as a PA announcer I had a stadium full of people stand for the national anthem during a college football game…only it was time for the band to play the school song. Yeah….