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living “on air” by joe cipriano with ann cipriano

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Today is the day, November 1, 2013. The release date for Living On Air by Joe and Ann Cipriano is today and you can buy the book here.

In the book, Joe details:

* The in-studio wrestling match Joe had with Orson Welles over the Gallo Wine commercial auditions. Orson wanted the line to be “We will sell no wine before it’s time.” Joe wanted the line to be “Taste Great, Less Filling”. Orson won the audition and the wrestling match and Joe still has a bad back from Orson sitting on him (voice-over is a very physical business).

* Joe’s longtime affair with Theda Bara, one of the most popular actresses of the silent film era, and one of cinema’s earliest sex symbols. It was a unique relationship because they never spoke to each other but, rather, had staffers hold up giant cards with comments for the other person to read. Tres romantic!

* How very, very early in his radio career, Joe was in the studio late one night, talking off air on the phone with a listener named Mary who had a very sexy voice. A few hours later, Mary came over to the station and rang the station door bell. Joe looked through the peep hole and saw “Mary” was actually a fella named “Murray”, a 32 year old unshaven midget wearing a sundress and stilettos. Joe never opened the station door that night nor did he even leave the radio station for the next 30 days. To this day, Joe won’t work with any client named Murray. Joe still has nightmares.

So these (not really) and other (real) stories will be featured in the book that I of course haven’t read because da book hasn’t been released yet. Cause it’s today…the day you can get the book.

Joe’s likely forgotten more interesting voice-over stories than any of us could collectively ever tell because of Joe’s amazing broadcasting and voice-over career.

So buy the book.

And don’t tell Cip that you heard about the book here. Tell him Courvo told you about it.

I only met Joe once but I think he had a weapon. He’s a tough cookie. Ask Orson. 😉