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meet the voice of rabbit from winnie the pooh

Kenneth Sansom, who played the voice of Rabbit in the Winnie the Pooh series, recently stopped by ABC4 in Salt Lake City for an interview on Good Things Utah.

october animation voiceover workshops with stevie vallance

Animation Voice Director Stevie Vallance may or may not have purple hair

Animation Voice Director and Emmy Award winner Stevie Vallance has two October “Tooned In!” workshops on ‘Animation Voice-over Acting”. I know her to be a patient teacher cause she taught me.

In New York City, her Tooned In! 1-Day Original Workshop will take place on Sunday October 17, 2010 from 12:00pm to 5pm at the Edge Studios.

Crossing over in to her native Canada, Stevie’s Ottawa, Ontario Tooned In! 1-Day Original Workshop will take place on Sunday October 24, 2010 from 12:00pm to 5pm at the Raven Street Studios.

For more details or to sign up, click here.

some acting and back story insights from the voice actors of The Lion King

Maybe its just me who finds entertaining these interviews with some of the voice actors from The Lion King.

I especially found interesting Nathan Lane’s interview about the dark parts of this movie which I always found unnecessary to the story (Disney seems transfixed in its movie stories with killing parents ((Bambi, Nemo, Lion King)).

But the acting stories I think are fun.

voice actors versus celebrity actors

Courtesy of Doreen Mulman on Facebook, a saw a video featuring interviews with voice talent discussing the challenges of voice actor parts in animation going to celebrity actors and how that impacts their careers.

As I noted recently, sometimes animated movies get picked on for picking celebrities to voice characters primarily because they are marketable celebrities (MJ Lallo offers one funny example). In other cases (I would cite “Toy Story” and “Cars” as two examples) the celebrities chosen to voice are clearly great actors whose transition to voice acting was seamless and superb.

As usual, Pat Fraley offers some really salient insight into the benefits of celebrities working in voice over.

While I applaud the producers desire to tell the story, a little effort properly checking the spelling of the featured actors’ names for the lower third graphics would have gone a long way to making this effort that much more credible.

the voice actors of toy story 3 in action

Sometimes Hollywood actors get crap from non-Hollywood voice actors (of course not me, because I never give anyone crap) about why they were cast as the voices in an animated film.

Well, the voices in the Toy Story series for me have always made me forget who the “big names” were behind the voices. That’s a compliment – that’s how its supposed to be.

And now, watching them exercise their craft in these two videos from Toy Story 3, you may more fully understand why their performances are so amazingly good.

voice actor john morris of toy story 3

Toy Story 3 comes out tomorrow. The voice actor who plays Andy, the owner of all the toys like ‘Woody’ and ‘Buzz Lightyear’ has provide the character’s voice in all 3 films.

He started when he was 7, the next movie was made when he was in his teens and now, in his mid-twenties, he’s voiced Andy for the 3rd time.

Here’s an interesting interview with voice actor John Morris.