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the urgency of birthing an internet


I guess when I think about it, when I came across Mitch Joel at Podcamp Toronto 2006 (I think) he was probably in the earlier stages of his Social Media career (cause Social Media itself wasn’t that much older). Maybe I will be able to say “I knew him when…”

Today in addition to running is marketing agency, Twist Image, he has become a prolific blogger and (in a slightly retro move, all things considered) newspaper columnist in addition to his weekly podcast.

Well Mitch continues to find and discuss cool things about Social Media but today he came across a very fun video about the history of the internet. The geopolitical reasons for its development and the international partnerships that built it were of news to me and gave me great perspective; to me, a perspective worth sharing.

You should take eight minutes to digest this very well produced (and obviously hugely abridged) story about the birth and growth of the internet. Thanks Mitch.

free podcamp toronto 2009 audio promo


Right click here to download this promo!

For those podcasters or bloggers who would be so inclined, please feel free to download and use my contribution to the “call to arms” (or promos, actually) for Podcamp Toronto 2009.

If you would be willing (you don’t have to) please tag the spot with the mention of the blog address (www.voxmarketising.com) the website address (www.audioconnell.com) or the audio tag “audio promo courtesy of audio’connell voice over talent – the perfect choice for an awesome voice!”

Thanks and we’ll see you there!

podcamp toronto 2009


I hope, if you’re going to be within 2-3 hours of Toronto on February 21-22, you’ll stop by Rogers Communications Centre at Ryerson University for Podcamp Toronto 2009.

To learn about social media at any level (newbie, intermediate, pro) and maybe even more importantly to actually meet the people who make up the community, this event is unparalleled.

The event is free. The people are smart and friendly. Go there.

It looks like this event will conflict with my son’s birthday party on Saturday (discussions are on going though I do prioritize birthday cake over podcamps) but I fully intend to be there on Sunday.

podcamp toronto 2009


Got word last night off the wiki from Connie Crosby that Podcamp Toronto is set for February 21 and 22 again at Ryerson University (a great set up for the camp).

Now I am pretty sure already that some how that date could interfere with my son’s first birthday party unless we do it the weekend before or the week after….and if you’ve got people traveling from out of town, the later in February they have to travel to Buffalo, the better. So we’ll see how THAT discussion goes.

But be that as it may or may not, save the date and stay in touch. It should be great, especially if YOU are there.

another camp this fall in toronto

In reading another edition of my friend Donna Papacosta’s Trafcom News blog this morning, she pointed out that there is a new “camp” coming to Toronto. While Podcamp Toronto 3 will likely pop up again in February, 2009 (with no conflicts in my schedule I hope…although Joe’s birth wasn’t so much a conflict as it was a certainty), ProductCamp Toronto will be taking place in the fall (and no new O’Connell children are expected then.)

In the marketing side of my professional life, ProductCamp sound like a very interesting concept focused on Product Marketing and Management topics. In otherwords, talking about concepting and making all the stuff you’ll likely buy on store shelves from toothpaste to hammers to clothing to computers.

Check out their wiki and see what develops.

absent with a wonderful excuse

podcamp_toronto_2008_download_the_audio’connell Voice Over Talent_promo

With the baby’s arrival this week, I will not be able to attend Podcamp Toronto at Ryerson University today and tomorrow (February 23 and 24).

audio’connell Voice Over Talent is a proud Podcamp Toronto sponsor.

But if you are within a couple or three hours of Toronto, I highly encourage you to attend this great learning and networking event for all things related to social media.

For all my friends up at Podcamp Toronto 2008 this weekend, we’ll be thinking of you during our “O’Connellcamp”.