podcamp toronto 2009


I hope, if you’re going to be within 2-3 hours of Toronto on February 21-22, you’ll stop by Rogers Communications Centre at Ryerson University for Podcamp Toronto 2009.

To learn about social media at any level (newbie, intermediate, pro) and maybe even more importantly to actually meet the people who make up the community, this event is unparalleled.

The event is free. The people are smart and friendly. Go there.

It looks like this event will conflict with my son’s birthday party on Saturday (discussions are on going though I do prioritize birthday cake over podcamps) but I fully intend to be there on Sunday.

2 Responses to “podcamp toronto 2009”

  1. If you bring the family on Saturday, we’ll be sure to have a cake on hand for your son.

    Kidding aside, we’re six weeks away and we already have 350+ people and lots of great sessions. Feel free to add one too.

    See you at PodCamp Toronto. Cheers,

  2. Hi Eden:

    If I bring my son all the speakers will be mad cause he’s magnet for attention and everyone will “two feet” over to see him!

    Congrats on the 350 number. I sincerely hope everyone who has signed up for pcto09 will show up. A great event and a great organizing team to boot….yourself included. Thanks for all your efforts,

    Best always,
    – Peter